Funeral in islands and Crete

Τransportation to Greek islands €700

Our office can also arrange funerals in Greek islands in cooperation with local funeral offices. If there is no local office in the destination area then we can arrange the funeral directly from Athens.

Our package for transportation to Greek mainland includes the following:

  • High resistance coffin, economic class
  • Set of coffin (pillow, sheet, etc.)
  • Hearsh and necessary personnel in Athens
  • Preparation and dressing of the dead (with clothes from the family)
  • Declaration of the death
  • Expenses for embalment (mandatory for transfers to the islands)
  • All the necessary licences
  • Transfer to the port/airport of El. Venizelos
  • Transportation from the greek mainland to Athens (if needed, €1 per km)
  • Better quality coffin
    • with lux coffin "NEON" total price equals €1250
    • with lux coffin "ATLAS" total price equals €1350
    • with lux coffin "TETRAGONO" total price equals €2050
    • Customs and transfer when receiving a dead from El. Venizelos
    • Days in freeze (if asked from the family or because no air/ship route)
    • Wood package for the coffin (if asked from the airways or ship - Some companies accept the coffin as is, but some other don't)
    • The cargo cost for ship or airplane
    • Flower decoration in coffin if asked from family
    • Tickets and fee of hearse and driver (when asked from family)

All transportations for the greek islands bust be paid in advanced