Men in tails

Long time ago the managers of the funeral houses accepted that funerals must take place with the help of at least four and sometimes six workers, which tradionally, wear tails.

The reason for that decision was that they faced a big number of accidents in funerals when they were using only two workers (Murphy's Law = If something is going to go wrong, it will go wrong with the worst way, even in ...the cemetery).

After the start of economic crisis in Greece, some managers of funeral houses, hoping that nothing wrong is going to happen in their funerals, started following the obsolete method with two workers only, claiming that with this method they can offer lower prices.

Τhese gentlemen, as a rule, never explain exactly to their clients the risks and the exact "huge difference" in price for which the families must take the risks of their method. For any family which makes market research between funeral services with two or four workers, it's clear that the nominal fee and tax of four workers in tails is not removed from the price they should pay for only two workers.

With this "very smart method" the families "decide to choose", for the same price, a second class ceremony without decoration although they could have a first class ceremony without decoration.

Check our offer for economic funerals in Athens which contains the nominal fee and taxes of four workers in tails with any other offer you may have. If you don't know the nominal fee and tax of four workers just ask us with no obligation.

Thank you very much for your time.