Send wreath to a funeral

Funeral wreaths from €50

(price includes carriage and printing cost)

We usually need:

  • less than 30 minutes to send a wreath with your name and salutation printed to a funeral in any of the cemeteries in Athens
  • less than two hours to send a wreath with your name printed to a funeral in any city or village near a major city

Wreath prices in Athens vary from

In case you have doubts about the salutation to be printed on the wreath or what size of wreath is more suitable in the specific situation, our experiense can help you find the solution.

You can order your wreath via phone, SMS on the mobile number which exists on our conduct information or with our Contact Form and pay for it with one of the Payment methods.

In your e-mail or SMS order please don't forget:

  • the salutation (Το our well-beloved uncle, cousin, friend, etc.). In case you have doubts about the best salutation for the case our experience will help you.
  • the kind of the wreath you prefer.
  • the name or names to be printed
  • a telephone number to conduct you just in case (with the international code if you are ordering outside of Greece)
  • the place, date and time of the funeral or just the place if you don't know the rest
  • the name of the dead (we always verify the exact time of the funeral with cemetery or church before delivery)
  • the payment method you prefer
  • the e-mail address you prefer for the invoice, in case you want to pay via Paypal