Cremation Services

Cremation Services with the security of new hearses (Mercedes)

Includes everything needed, lux category coffin, metallic urn and VAT

The prerequisite for cremation is a written statement signed either by the person itself or by his relatives.
Till now cremation service for greek citizens is available only at other countries in which are available the relating services as Bulgaria (see here).

Anyone from the family can accompany the dead as co-driver* in the hearse.

You can see here the new luxury hearses with which you can travel as co-driver to Sofia.


The rest of the family can follow with their cars or via rent bus or we can arrange flights to and from crematorium.

Here you can see the various (non plastic) ceramic, marble, metallic urns which usually are available at the krematorium.

When asked we can arrange taxis to wait for the family at the airport of Sofia with drivers who can speak greek or another prefered from the family language. The same taxis are going to get you back to the aiport to catch your flight.

Family presence is not necessary for cremation.

* Co-driver's personal expenses are not included in price.


There is always the option for a complete civil funeral or religious ceremony in the place of your choice before cremation.

Family also has the option to delay the cremation for a few days in case there are relatives from abroad who wish to see the dead for last time.

Ceremony prices vary according to place in which the ceremony is going to take place, personnel needed, etc. You can always ask for the exact ceremony price at any specific hall, cemetery or church you prefer.