Cremation Services at Ritsona

Cremation at Ritsona, Greece

The prerequisite for cremation is a written statement signed either by the person itself or by his relatives.
Till now cremation service for greek citizens is available only at other countries in which are available the relating services as Bulgaria (see here).

The condition for human cremation remains the express, unconditional or conditional, prior declaration of the deceased on his wish or a corresponding statement by his relatives, by blood or agitation, up to the fourth degree.
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The opening of the crematorium in Ritsona has changed the situation so far. Accordingly, the cremation cost is less than the total cost of a classical funeral even when the grave is in the economic class.

Optionally there are the following features:

  • • Pre-cremation ceremony, with or without priests.
  • • Posting in newspapers and door-posting for the ceremony.
  • • Coaching to the crematorium of relatives and friends who wish to attend.
  • • Offer coffee-brandy-nut in the crematorium after the ceremony.
  • • Meal of your choice, after the ceremony in the crematorium.
  • • Burial of ash in the crematorium.
  • • Selection of ashes from a wide variety of designs and materials

In each case, the price includes: Coffin, pillow, bed sheet, shroud, dressing, receiving the deceased from the place of death, transportation, preparation and cost of a 24-hour stay in a freezing chamber, forensic examination with a certificate and necessary certificates, registration of death, [Hague stamps and translations in the event of incineration in Bulgaria], cremation planning, transport to crematorium, urn, proof and evidence of cremation the crematorium, return, delivery of the urn to the family and of course the legal proof of our office to collect funeral expenses from all insurance funds.